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Hotel Collectionneur, Paris.


The Hotel Collectionneur belongs to the Gate Collection Hotels, which is a luxury group of hotels in Paris. I have to admit I knew the Collectionneur hotel for a long time now, so it was such a dream and a pleasure to go for a review of this majestic hotel. When I saw the entrance of the hotel I was already in-love with the decoration which is very very chic and luxurious. Almost everything was in marble and gold, such a pleasure for the eyes, because it is so beautiful that you don’t even know where to look at first. My suite had two bathroom, a living room and my king size bed, perfect when you plan to visit Paris with your love ? You can go to the Spa directly by the elevator and you’re gonna love it because there’s a sauna and a hammam but also, if you’re kinda starving you’ll be able to eat some fruits and juice at the Spa which is perfect before the breakfast. The hotel is situated near the Champs-Elysées where you can buy all your gifts for Christmas maybe ? You can go reserve a room or a suite at the Hotel Collectionneur here : http://www.hotelducollectionneur.com/

Positive Points :

☻ The hotel is a five stars hotel, so before you go you’re already sure it’s pretty good, but I can admit it’s even better than what you expect : it’s PERFECTION.

☻ The hotel is well situated, two streets away from the most beautiful place in Paris (and probably in the world ?) : the Champs-Elysées & l’Arc-de-Thriomphe.

☻ The hotel staff will be here whenever you need something.

☻ The decoration of your room or suite is very luxurious-frenchy kind of, all in marble, very classy.

Negative Points :

☺ It’s a very big hotel and at some points you can be a little lost, don’t forget your map ?

My Rating :


To book a room at the Hotel Du Collectionneur, click here . Follow them on Facebook & Twitter. Also follow Snap Traveller on Twitter here.


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19 November 2014
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Discover : Original Chuck



Presentation of the company :

Original Chuck started as a vision. We gave it a voice. It turned into a feeling. It is perfection. For years, Original Chuck has been in the shadows, giving our quality, execution and vision to many. A collaboration of industry experts, art enthusiasts and innovators, we are driven by the never-ending pursuit of perfection.
In 2010, we gave life to our vision, and Original Chuck was born. Original Chuck is your vehicle for self-expression. We strive to empower individuals & praise the forward thinker. Who is Original Chuck ? Original Chuck is you and your journey. At Original Chuck, we are inspired by all areas of life, seamlessly blending style with skillfully-crafted products. Original Chuck is the perfected industry standard, for a timeless generation. Chuck for All. All for Chuck!


What I think about Original Chuck :

Original Chuck is a new brand and I love what’s new, what is “fresh from the market” ! When I checked their website I knew I was gonna love this brand, and I’am pretty sure you’ll hear about them a lot more in the futur. My favorite products are their strapbacks (pictures bellow), I just love soooo much when clothes have food pictures on them, it’s so cool and definitely hypster! It kinda remind me the chuck taylor from Converse and I think both are amazing! One thing is sure : wearing Original Chuck will make you 10 times cooler… believe me I tried it in the street.

Discover more about Original Chuck :

• http://originalchuck.com/

• http://twitter.com/originalchuck

• http://www.facebook.com/OriginalChuck

• http://www.instagram.com/OriginalChuck


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20 October 2014
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Hotel Crayon Rouge, Paris.


The Hotel Crayon Rouge belongs to the Elegancia hotels, which is the same group as the Hotel Odyssey. Elegancia Hotels asked me to test this hotel after the Odyssey one, which I was already in LOVE with… But this one is just a whole another level. When I walked into the Hotel Crayon Rouge (even closer to the Louvre than the Odyssey one) I was blown away with the concept : “feeling like you’re at home”. There’s a kitchen on the entrance where you can cook your own food and a small living room to read your books and drink your favorite cup of tea. Then I went up to my “suite” (because yes, I had the largest suite of the hotel) and I was literally crying over the beauty of it. The decoration is mainly “girly” but still very very classy and modern with a beautiful and very big library with a lot of different books (as a fan of twilight I noticed the whole serie).

Positive Points :

☻ The hotel make you feel like you’re at home, which is a very good feeling when you’re not in your own country and maybe you don’t know a lot about the city neither.

☻ The hotel is well situated, in the beautiful “1er arrondissement”,  down the street you’ll find the Louvre, the french bank in front of the hotel, the “Galerie Vivienne” and the “Palais Royal” very near.

☻ The hotel staff is the sweetest, they will always ask you if everything is good, with a smile to help you whenever you need it.

☻ The decoration of the rooms is very classy and “old french”, you can only enjoy this kind of decoration.

Negative Points :

☺ The fact that you need to eat your breakfast in front of people you don’t know might be a little bad for some shy people.

My Rating :


To book a room at the Hôtel Crayon Rouge, click here . Follow them on Facebook & Twitter .


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17 October 2014
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