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26 March 2014

5 seconds of summer

- Scarf : H&M

- Cap : QILO

- Jean : Topman - Shoes : Converse - Jacket : Pull & Bear

-Top : Forever 21

So today I have this pre-summer look for you (Yes I know it’s not the summer yet but I’am just so exited about it you guys don’t even know) I have this very chill palm tank (the must have) with a blue jean faded, the world famous forever young converse, the very hype cap from QILO and this all result in this very good summer 2014 outfit, you can wear it, people will LOVE YOU because with this outfit you’re saying “HI, I’AM THE SUMMER”. (ok maybe not but you can still believe in it ok ?)
You’ve probably heard of this boyband 5 seconds of summer ? If not, please make yourself an update and go right to the now listen their new EP (I’ve literally listened it on repeat since it’s out)

There’s a LOT of collaboration coming soon, so much brands contact me it’s actually INSANE? But it’s all good!
Go follow my instagram for more content and pics : www.instagram.com/zanesilver


Zane Silver


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24 March 2014

Coco Beach

- Cap : QILO

- Shoes : Diesel

- Sunglasses : Ray-Ban – Pants : Diesel – Shirt : Levis

- Top : Forever 21

Hello supernovas, I really like this summer inspired outfit, the cap is AMAZING, go check out QILO they really make nice hype cap and others stuff! Youtube.
The weather is beautiful recently in Paris and it make me smile all the time, I really can’t wait for summer and maybe I’ll be in USA this summer (maybe) !                                         But for now go check out this new video on my youtube channel and comment if you like it of curse. See you soon for another look, love you supernovas!


Zane Silver




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17 March 2014

Wasted & Confused

- Vest : Saint-Laurent – Pants : Diesel – Wristband : Asos

- Beanie : Wasted – Sunglasses : Ozeal

– Top : Wasted

– Shoes : Van’s

Hello supernovas, so today it’s all about being a winning loser!
I really like this idea of wearing something that identify your mood.
It can be a beanie with a text on it like this one from Wasted, or a top, or even a bag, basically anything with a text on it. It’s really direct and it can help a lot of people in some real fashion situations!
Sometime words can’t be spoken because there’s too much emotions behind them, that’s why some people decide to become singers, but when words can’t be sang this is the ultimate level, here you can see the ultimate form of communication of humanity : fashion. And that’s why I love fashion so much, if you truly look at someone else outfit, you can define his mood.
Apparently you guys seems to love this lookbook diary I’ve started on Youtube.
The first outfit got so much good feedback, I literally can’t wait to see your reaction of this new one!

I’am planning to do this a daily thing, so there’s going to be a video for all my outfits that’s official. Go suscribe to my channel here and comment if you like them! See you next monday supernovas.


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